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The world as we know, has afterall changed exponentially since the first COVID-19 case erupted in late 2019. COVID-19 was declared a ā€œGlobal Pandemicā€ by WHO in March 2020.

Countries across the globe had imposed a stay at home order, affecting several industries, including the healthcare industry.

Data from the National Health Profile- 2019 India, there are 7,13,986 government hospitalsā€™ beds in total, which accounts for 0.55 beds per 1,000 population. The widespread cases of COVID-19 and the unpredictable transmission rates skyrocketing high, there is a big demand in the healthcare industry. Though, the doctors and hospitals, despite running around the clock services, are not able to fulfill the demands.

Patients on other hand, have started to decline the opportunity to visit hospitals for consulting in the fear of transmission of COVID-19. However, owing to the pandemicĀ  scenario, teleconsultation has become the beacon of hope for the patients and doctors, and in general the hospitals.

Teleconsultation provides a platform for doctors/physicians to conduct virtual, secure consultations with patients in the comfort and safety of their own living rooms. For instance, advanced solutions . . .

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Karan Shah

Karan Shah

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