Explore a year of health-focused initiatives with Health Commune as we shine a spotlight on crucial health topics each month.



Alzheimer's month

Alzheimer's Month
(February 2024)

Sexual Wellness.psd

Sexual Health Campaign
(March 2024)

Health checkup

Health Checkups Boost
(April 2024)


Menopause Month
(May 2024)

Sleep health

Sleep Health Initiative
(June 2024)

Allergy Alert

Allergy Alert Campaign
(July 2024)

Movement disorder

Movement Disorders Month
(August 2024)

Bone health

Bone Health Drive
(September 2024)

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Awareness
(October 2024)

Hair health

Hair Health Campaign
(November 2024)

Fitness focus

Fitness Focus Month
(December 2024)

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