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A monthly menstrual study to raise awareness of good menstrual health and revolutionize every woman’s life.

“From stigma to strength, let’s create awareness of good menstrual health and revolutionize every woman’s life”


A Monthly Menstrual Study

The Cause

Menstruation in India carries social stigma, impacts education, employment, and well-being, and gets worsened by inadequate access to menstrual products.

The Solution

This study aims to provide valuable insights into menstruation in India, including women's management choices and their physical and mental health experiences.

The Appeal

Join our monthly menstrual study and be rewarded for your contribution to advancing menstrual health understanding and addressing related issues.


Discover more about this study and its objectives.
Menstruation is a sacred bridge, marking the passage of girls into womanhood and the awakening of their fertility.
In India, menstrual stigma hinders education, work, and well-being, denying girls and women basic dignity and opportunities. Countless Indian girls and women suffer without menstrual products, trapped in a cycle of ignorance, and scarcity.
How do we tackle this? Through this study, our aim is to create heightened awareness and generate vital information that will play a pivotal role in understanding menstruation in India.
Join the study, ignite change.
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Inclusion Criteria

The following inclusion criteria apply to all participating women.

Exclusion Criteria

The following exclusion criteria apply to all participating women.

Summary of the Menstrual Study

Explore the study for more information.

Participants will complete an initial anonymous questionnaire regarding menstruation.

Over the course of 12 months, participants will receive monthly anonymous questionnaires.

A comprehensive compensation package will be provided to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of all study participants

“The study's significant findings will be summarized and published in a distinguished scientific journal."


We extend heartfelt appreciation to our generous sponsors for their
invaluable support, which has been instrumental in our study.
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Embrace Menstrual Strength:

Raise awareness, empower women, and transform lives!