Mind over Matter: Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy


“Mind over Matter”, “We are the masters of our own universe”, “Our life is what our thoughts make it”

These terms are not foreign to us. While the perception of the meaning behind it differs, when dwelled into the science of it, each of these terms holds a significant meaning. 

Mind over Matter- Our thoughts interact with the physical world, whether or not we know it, affecting change all the way down to the subatomic realm. 

We are the master of our own universe- The mind has the ability to alter the state of matter itself, and more importantly, the mind has the power to encourage the physical world to move in one specific direction. Our life is what our thoughts make it- The nature of our reality is shaped by our thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we experience every day.

Through all of these, we come close to one conclusion that our thoughts define our reality and that, one can take control of this reality and make adjustments to it which can enhance the overall quality of life. One of the tools . . .

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