Impact of effective communication

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In the evolution of medicine, effective communication has been of crucial importance. There is plenty of evidence of the negative consequences of poor communication. This is along with inadequate information during a caregiver and care seeker interaction. There are various components to effective communication in a healthcare system. Effective communication is a two-way activity between patients and healthcare systems. If either the care seeker or care provider lacks a clear understanding of the information conveyed, the delivery of care is compromised.
“Effective communication involves conveying information verbally, visually, or via text. In a healthcare setting, workers of various skill sets exist. It is necessary that they understand each other and communicate clearly to deliver the best care to patients”

Care seekers should be able to convey information about their health complaints to healthcare workers. Caregivers must be able to adequately understand and deduce the information to treat health complaints appropriately. In any case, if the aforementioned process is compromised, healthcare delivery becomes ineffective. Therefore, it increases the likelihood of negative patient outcomes and patient utilization of in-patient and emergency care. Parallely, the burden of costs on healthcare systems increases. Communication is a very crucial aspect of the . . .

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Dr. Smita

Dr. Smita

Founder and CEO - Health Commune