How Genetics Shapes Our Health:


During the episode, we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Anup Rawool, an Associate Director at SRL and a medical geneticist. He discussed the significance of medical genetics in the diagnosis of various clinical conditions, strategies to prevent hereditary diseases after marriage and, providing consultation to couples regarding genetic disorders, In this interview, Dr. Anup Rawool provided valuable insights into the significance of medical genetics in modern medicine. His expertise shed light on the importance of proactive measures to prevent hereditary diseases, and the role of genetic counselling in helping couples make informed decisions about their family planning. 

Dr. Anup Rawool

Dr. Anup Rawool

An Associate Director at SRL & medical geneticist.
Dr. Anup Rawool shares insights on medical genetics, including diagnosis and prevention. Talks about the importance of genetic counseling for couples facing genetic disorders.

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