How COVID-19 is affecting hospitals?

COVID 19 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the hospitals and healthcare systems all over the world. The situation is especially critical in low-income and developing countries. In addition, their health and social systems are already weak.General implications
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the routine at the hospitals globally. A study conducted by COVIDSurg which is a research network of surgeons and anaesthetists, has revealed that globally around 28.4 million procedures were postponed during the peak 12 weeks of the pandemic.
“In India, around 51,100 cancer surgeries, 5,05,800 non-emergency surgeries, and 27,700 obstetric surgeries could have been delayed during the 3 months before and after the peak of the viral outbreak. This has affected the overall revenues of hospitals globally”
How are hospitals affected around the world?

The global health crisis will only worsen till COVID-19 is managed efficiently.  With the sudden onset of COVID-19, healthcare should be provided to those in need at the lowest cost as economies around the world strive to remain proficient.

Australia has an estimated 682 private and 675 public hospitals but less than 20% of public . . .

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Dr. Smita

Dr. Smita

Founder and CEO - Health Commune