Healthcare 4.0: The Future of Healthcare!

Healthcare 4.0 1

Stage of healthcare transformation:

Healthcare industry is at the dawn of re-evolving post the pandemic. Though the need for change has been initiated by the worldwide increasing adoption of Industry 4.0 across several sectors, the COVID-19 has pushed the agenda of implementation in the healthcare sector.  In a survey by MeriTalk’s IT leaders, USD $342 billion is lost in benefits every year by government health and human services agencies through the poor management of data and in managing different datasets. Additionally, 62% of laboratory tests and 35% of radiology tests are not followed up on, thus resulting in missing critical diagnosis .

Currently, the healthcare industry has several shortcomings to be addressed and the pandemic has made the solution design and implementation even more challenging.

  1. High costs of healthcare services
  2. Shortage of healthcare professionals
  3. Increasing demand for higher quality of care services
  4. Lower satisfactory levels from the careseekers
  5. Instability in the healthcare value chain
  6. Lack of inter industry collaborations
  7. Inability to create better practices and process
  8. Recurring financial and revenue loss to the organizations
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