Women's Health Beyond Motherhood

Women's Health Month


In your mind, what does women's health mean?

For most, it’s often reproductive health and related conditions. 


Did you know that the leading causes of death among Indian women are Heart disease, diarrhoeal disease, respiratory illness, and stroke? Among the top causes of disability among women, gynaecological diseases rank only tenth. However, the majority of our discussions are limited to gynaecological topics.


This month, let’s talk about her health beyond reproductive health. 


Join us, let’s together learn about women’s health beyond motherhood.


Online / Zoom Meeting


March 2023

The Cause

Women's health concerns are diverse, and multifaceted, encompassing much more than pregnancy and motherhood. However, women continue to be underrepresented in medical research and often underdiagnosed for numerous health conditions.

The Means

We hope to create awareness and open discussions about women’s health and well-being that goes beyond maternal health. Join us by taking part in our webinar, listening to podcasts, reading articles and FAQs and sharing your experiences with us.

The Audience

If you are a woman, or if you have a woman in your life that you care about, we invite you to join our campaign. Let’s work together to create awareness that there is more to her health than motherhood.

Past Event


Head and Neck Cancers:
Getting to the bottom of the problem

Cancers of the Head and Neck account for nearly 30% of all cancer cases in India. This includes cancers of the lip, mouth, nose, throat, and salivary glands. Dr. Mohammad Akheel, an acclaimed maxillofacial and head & neck oncosurgeon is joining us in an in-depth discussion on the risk factors, causes, symptoms, treatment and more about head and neck cancers.

Expert's Opinion

Our Experts

569 by 569

Dr. Anjali Bhatt, MBBS, MD

Diabetologist and

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Dr. Samantha 569 by 569

Dr. Samatha Tulla, MD

Internal Medicine Specialist,Diabetologist,
Precision & Anti-aging Medicine.

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Dr. Indrajeet 569 by 569

Dr. Indrajit Khandekar, MBBS, MD, LLB

Professor, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, MGIMS, Wardha

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Dr. Vaishali Agarwal 569 by 569

Dr. Vaishali Agrawal, MBBS, MS, DNB

Director & Consultant, Pioneer Women & Children Hospital, Nashik
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