Allergy: an overreaction of the body or overdiagnosis as a disease?

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Allergy: An itch that goes around the world

All over the world, allergies are counted as one of the most common chronic diseases that impact millions of people every day. What makes them so common is the fact that they are an umbrella term for a plethora of diseases with different subtypes and affecting different organs: allergic rhinitis or inhalant allergy (eyes, nose, and airways), allergic asthma (lungs and airways), food allergy (mouth, skin, and systematic symptoms), eosinophilic esophagitis (respiratory and digestive tract), anaphylaxis (systematic symptoms), atopic dermatitis (skin), insect allergy (skin and systematic symptoms), and drug allergy (systematic symptoms). Due to the overwhelming data for all those allergy-related diseases, we will focus on allergic rhinitis or inhalant allergy, food allergy, and drug allergy in this blog.

Allergic rhinitis

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, allergic rhinitis affects 10% to 30% of the population worldwide. 1 In a recent cross-sectional and multicentred study, the prevalence of allergic rhinitis was 8% (children), 24% (adolescents), and 10% (adults) in India. 2

Savouré et al. (2022) shared detailed information about the prevalence of allergic rhinitis all . . .

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Dr. Christina Pranger

Dr. Christina Pranger

An expert medical writer with a PhD in Allergology (Immunology), she pens down science and medicine through her writing. Read her contributions and writings about various healthcare topics.